Sıkça Sorulan Sorular


  • We guide students to draw from the past to build greater understanding and to inspire them to believe that their ideas are equally valuable.
  • A classical education is one that is immersed in the liberal arts.
  • We honor the English language and the origins from which it came. Students must gain knowledge of their own language and that of others. Language study is opening doors to new worlds of knowledge and culture.
  • Classic literature, read thoroughly and with purpose, guides students in appreciation of the culture of others.
  • We teach music and art largely through the works of the best masters. True study of the arts also includes intensive study of technique, both to appreciate the great works and to create or perform art on one’s own.


  • Character training is an essential element in partnering with families to develop our young people into our future exemplary citizens and leaders.
  • Virtue is not something that is taught on its own, but rather woven into the fabric of the foundation of the school and all activities and courses.


  • We value the ability for students to think on their own.
  • Socratic dialogue, rich engaging discussion, rigorous texts and inquiry based learning are essential components in creating powerful thinkers who do not allow others to think for them.


  • We stand by the traditional approach of educating students. We resist the constant pendulum that swings erratically in education, and instead focus on effective, best practices for educating our students.
  • We adapt and implement changes as needed with research based techniques and strategies.


  • Students have pride in their school, community and country.
  • Students hold our teachers and parents in special esteem.
  • Teachers are professionals and lifelong learners who are passionate about laying a foundation of knowledge from which students can blossom.
  • Parents establish the virtues and values of their children, and educators assist in the process of character training.
  • Students will understand local, world and American history and their responsibility as citizens.
  • Students will honor our veterans, and the tremendous price they paid for our freedom.